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Admissions & Program Requirements

Getting started at Mercer is easy. Simply apply to Mercer on the main website and declare "education" as your intended major. To make sure that you are ready for college level work, you will likely need to take an academic placement exam at Mercer (called the Accuplacer). The exam measures the level of your proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics. If you are coming directly from high school and have appropriate SAT scores, you may not have to take the academic placement exam. If you are a transfer student and have previously met proficiency at another institution, you may not have to take the exam. Please keep in mind that you must meet proficiency in all three areas. Some students may have established proficiency in reading and writing, but not mathematics. In any case, you can and should prepare yourself in advance-study for the exam. For more information on the Accuplacer, contact the testing center.

Mercer has many options for learning. For a complete overview of how to begin your studies at Mercer, consult Admissions.

Program Requirements


Admissions & Program Requirements

If you are a high school student who is contemplating a career in education, here are some reasons to consider Mercer's education program:
  • If you are in the top 15% of your graduating class, you may be eligible for free tuition at NJ state colleges, including Mercer. Consult the NJ Stars Program for details.
  • You may be eligible to start taking college courses before graduation through the Jump Start Program.
  • If you're interested in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, the University Center at Mercer allows you to complete your entire education degree without leaving Mercer's campus.
  • Many courses required in the education degree can be completed online via MercerOnline.
  • Tuition at Mercer is very affordable. Completing your first two years and then transferring into a 4-year education program is a wise choice.

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