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To become a New Jersey certified public school teacher for grades p-12, you must obtain a Bachelor's degree and complete two majors at the 4-year level. One major will be education (elementary or secondary) and your second major must be a content area, like history, English, mathematics, science, art, etc. Education majors typically complete a semester of student-teaching during the last semester of study. As a teacher education major, your program of study is very tight-there is not much room for electives at the 2 or 4-year level. Therefore, fully exploring all of your transfer options and becoming knowledgeable about requirements of various institutions is to your benefit. Additionally, getting program specific advisement from the Education Coordinator and Transfer Office will ensure that you are selecting the RIGHT courses. The AA in Education is very flexible-it can be modified to meet the needs of the desired transfer institution. For example, you can fulfill your humanities requirements with world language, history, literature, philosophy, or fine arts --tailored to your transfer institution and intended second major.

You have many choices; Mercer can help you navigate your options wisely. Transfer begins with your first credit-the sooner you get advisement, the easier the process will be.

Visit the Transfer Office for advisement. Check out the Education Resource Center in the Transfer Office, too.

William Paterson University @ Mercer

William Paterson University, a state university in Wayne, NJ, is offering a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education on Mercer's campus. The degree leads to certification in p-3, and k-5. Current choices for the second major are Psychology and Liberal Studies (with multiple tracks). If you are interested in teaching middle school, you can select history and English as a second major leading to a possible middle school endorsement in those disciplines. This degree is not for students who intend to pursue secondary education. After completing your AA in Education at Mercer, you can apply to WPU and transfer into their program. For more information, visit the University Center.



The Praxis Core is a requirement for entry into most education programs in NJ. You should plan to take this exam early in your degree at Mercer. Study and prepare. Mercer's library has preparation books in its holdings. Verify the requirement with your transfer institution and consult the ETS website for more information and to register for an exam.

Learn the language!
Mercer has Dual-Admissions and Articulation Agreements. There are significant differences and they DO NOT guarantee program acceptance or that all of your courses will transfer!
Visit the Transfer Office for more information.

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